Additional Alvexo Plus services are also available to all users at Alvexo. The services include Trading Central, academy, Financial Web Tv with the latest news, webinars, trading signals, e-books, economic calendar, economics events and breaking news. Alvexo comes with a Trading Academy, which is one of its best features with an abundance of videos and written content. To enjoy this feature, click on ‘Start Learning’ and select any video tutorials and articles. The academy is built to educate new clients on trading activity pattern, chart-based trading, how to comprehend daily analysis, and offer investment advice, to avoid the risk of losing real money.

  1. The global operation of Alvexo is operated by HSN Capital Group Ltd under the regulation of the Seychelles Financial Service Authority (FSA).
  2. Alvexo Plus access is free for 120 days and margin calls can be sent via SMS and email.
  3. The prime account requires 50,000 USD at least and spreads start from 1.8 pips and the minimum lot size is set to 0.1.

Customer support is limited only to email, phone, and an online form that can be found on the website in the “Contact” section. The broker provides phone number lists for different countries for convenience. The lack of a live chat is a serious downside for any brokerage firm as clients will need substantial time or undergo extra costs to contact the broker in case issues arise during trading.

Realized Gains & Losses:

The minimum deposit required for the Classic account is 500 USD, which is relatively high compared to other brokers, and educational materials are only available for 30 days. The fees on withdrawals are charged by both the broker and payment service providers. Although Alvexo’s account types offer flexibility in terms of lot sizes and leverage, the spreads are high.

They are generally too large to be considered small and medium-sized enterprises and too small to be considered large capitalization listed firms. A line chart plots the value movement of an underlying asset over a selected time period. The foreign exchange market is global, decentralized and not bound by time constraints.

How can the use of technical analysis reduce risk?

Accounts are opened through an online application, as is the standard operating procedure across the brokerage industry. The quick form should grant access to the back-office, from where accounts need to be verified per regulatory requirements; a copy of the ID and a proof of residence document concludes the verification process. Alvexo offers the MT4 trading platform without any third-party plugins.

Technical Analysis:

The company burst into the highly competitive financial scene in 2014. It is headquartered at the HIS Building, Office 5, Providence, in Mahe, Seychelles. It has a license number of SD030 given to them by the FSA or Financial Services Authority of Seychelles, which regulates and supervises them. Currently, Alvexo has asserted that they have about 960k plus registrations, 4+ Million plus positions opened, and 202 billion plus trading volume, which is an astounding achievement in itself. Customer service at Alvexo is a cornerstone from which the Alvexo trading community thrives.

This app has features that other trading apps do not have, like total execution for all types of orders, including take-profit and stop-loss parameters. Alvexo has a singular vision of empowering its increasing customer base from all over the world. And giving them access to the latest, most effective, and reliable brokerage services. They do this to prospective clientele so that they can rise to the occasion and compete with high-level traders in the foreign exchange market. Nothing on this site constitutes advice or a recommendation – you use the site and its contents at your own risk.


A member of the exchange licensed to trade from the floor, or to access the exchange’s electronic trading system on his/her own behalf. With over 1,900 instruments traded, the European Exchange, run by the German Bourse, is the largest dealer of European derivatives in the world and one of the most technologically innovative. The basic currency transaction is comprised of two currencies involved in a currency change – one being sold, the other being purchased. A currency pair’s value is measured by the base currency (the first one quoted) divided by the quote currency (the second), denoting how much of the latter is valued against a single unit of the former.

Day traders use news, economic reports and political events to forecast the direction of the many assets they believe will be influenced. By making a high volume of short-lived trading moves based on this evidence, day traders close all positions by the end of the day, hoping to end up with a profit. The difference between the given interest and the base interest on an adjustable-rate mortgage, or 4. A portion of one’s total invested equity – initial margin requirement required for the purchase of a security. Often referred to as a ‘pit broker’, not to be confused with ‘floor trader’ or ‘commission broker’.

Service Details

You would also need to send a copy of your driver’s license or any governmental ID and another document to show proof of your residence, which completes the process of verifying. If you are have not decided on an account and are confused about this option, you can opt to try the “account generator” alvexo broker tab. You have to put in the specific details like risk tolerance, experience level, investment style, etc. Then the site will use your answers and suggest what would be the best account, which perfectly suits you. It will also tell you how much you will need to make this account effective.

This is a significantly different offering from the 24/7 support offered by some other brokers. Our Alvexo review is designed to give you a an up to date appraisal as Alvexo as a broker and as a platform. We cover all areas of Alvexo from charges and commissions through to customer service.

Based on the answers, the broker makes recommendations on account types that best suit the investors and also suggests the number of investments made; thus, chances for safe trading increase. Alvexo, the foreign exchange broker has made offering
excellent trading experience its main priority. The broker has become an
ever-growing and powerful informational resource with different product and
features that can be easily customized to every client’s individual need,
preference, and taste. Other than their high minimum deposit rates, everything
looks to be quite perfect with Alvexo. Being fully-compliant with Cyprus
regulatory regime, it has made every effort to guarantee transparency and

The multilingual Alvexo customer support team operates from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM. In addition, the users can get in touch with the support team on a phone call or via email. All new trading accounts receive a call back from a representative who answers customer queries and outlines a guide toward the complete activation of the Alvexo account. This callback is designed to handle inexperienced clients and aims at developing their skills instead of advising them to start trading with immediate effect. The economic calendar returned a blank section, while the four trading calculators are better presented as an MT4 plugin for a proper deal ticket.