polymath token sale

Soon thereafter, they confirmed thousands of identities in the POLY airdrop. If you missed the airdrop, then you’ll need to trade for POLY on an exchange. Finally, let’s take a look at our CappedSTO contract to see how it was impacted by the investment you just made.

polymath token sale

Registering a token symbol means that no one else will be able to take it while the issuer completes the necessary steps to deploy the actual token. The goal here is that investors and token issuers polymath token sale will have a framework to smooth the process of project launches in the future. Going back to our Security Token Offerings, we’ve modelled them to be very similar to these crowdsale contracts.


Accredited and verified investors can buy and sell securities from each other, but not from unaccredited investors. After 2018, it is more common to find security tokens using the ERC1400 standard, which you will learn more about in the next section. In the crypto world, a company or organisation can issue and sell tokens in a so-called initial coin offering (ICO), and these are usually sold in a decentralised exchange, such as Uniswap. The ICO process is often more efficient in terms of time, among other constraints.

We searched the globe and selected Polymath to be our tokenization platform because the people are great and know what they are doing. From our first Blockchain conference, the team was extremely helpful in breaking down the process to me in a simple way, without the technical jargon you often find in blockchain. We still remain with Polymath because their innovation continues to grow with our needs. It’s awesome that I can spend my time on business development, knowing Polymath is focused on building next level technology relevant for our success. A report suggests that the market will expand to $1.5 trillion in Europe alone by 2024.

Where can you store POLY tokens?

The first step of issuing a security token with Polymath is registering your Security Token Symbol — “ticker” — on Polymath’s TickerRegistry contract. Ultimately, the price of POLY will depend on the utility of the Polymath platform. If you see more coins launching on the ST20 standard, keep your eye on the price of POLY. Most noteworthy, in 2018, Corl Financial Technologies, SeriesX, and Ethereum Capital all plan to have securities tokens created on the Polymath platform. To demonstrate, Polymath advised tZERO on their ICO, which raised $100 million in just 12 hours.

We relentlessly focus on the technological backbone for security tokens. Whether configuring tokens using the Polymath Token Studio or integrating our broker-dealer toolkit into your offering, Polymath’s technology brings efficiency and transparency to security token management. Polymath’s white label solution allows broker-dealers, banks, and asset managers to integrate Polymath’s technology https://www.tokenexus.com/ into their broader offerings. It lets them leverage Polymath’s technology for token creation, issuance, management and corporate actions, while also branding and customizing the process and experience. The problem is that not all projects are legitimate, and ICO investors can fall for exit scams, where the ICO issuer simply ran off with raised funds, rendering the tokens worthless.

Polymath Performance

The team is led by Trevor Koverko, a veteran in both Silicon Valley and cryptocurrency. There’s a saying in business that you want to skate where the puck is going, not where it has been. Given that Trevor was literally drafted by the New York Rangers of the National Hockey League, it’s likely he knows where the puck is going. He’s shown this skill in the past, buying into BTC when it was 20 dollars and Ethereum when 1 BTC would score you 2000 ETH.

polymath token sale

Rather than helping to create ERC-20 tokens for ICO sales, Polymath helps companies sell representations of equities on the blockchain in the safest, most efficient way possible. The sale of shares is, after all, a time-proven and well-regulated model for financing. Polymath is the name for both the organisation and its proprietary technology for creating, issuing, and managing digital securities on the Ethereum blockchain. With an ICO, anyone can potentially get involved and invest in a startup company.